Underground traffic keeps on growing

London Underground continues to break records as the capital’s burgeoning population puts more traffic onto rail.

The latest figures (from TfL’s Managing Director’s Report – Rail & Underground Panel) show a new all time annual passenger high on the Underground  was attained in 2015-16 with 1.349 billion journeys (2014-15: 1.305 billion), which exceeded the 1.343.7 billion target figure by 5.6 million.

TfL also says it has also achieved a 85% customer satisfaction survey (CSS) score in all four quarters for the first time, the highest obtained yet.

The number of journeys on London Overground  – now responsible for six routes – also increased, by 32% to 184.8 Million (2014-15: 139.8 million) and was above the 168.5 million target by nearly 16 million.

TfL Rail -responsible for the Liverpool Street to Shenfield services since May 2015 – also performed well. Seven million more passenger journeys were made (38.8 million as against the 31.8 million projected).

However, Tramlink and the DLR fared less favourably: DLR’s 117.0 million passenger journeys were 2.3 million less than expected, but the 2015-16 results were 6% up on the previous year.  Tramlink’s 27.0 million passenger journeys were 15% lower (4.1 million less journeys) than budgeted; the shortfall being attributed to planned closures and fewer shoppers visiting Croydon.

Other LU news: The Bakerloo Line stock (now 40 years old and the oldest in Underground service) will soldier on for another decade until new trains become available. In the meantime, all 36 existing trains will be refurbished by November 2018 to prolong their working lives.

The new Battersea tube station planned for the Northern Line extension will have to be redesigned to accommodate ‘significant changes’ to above  station property developments.


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