New trains for new Abellio East Anglia franchise

Abellio retains control of the East Anglia rail franchise under a new nine year contract awarded by the DfT. The new franchise – which will continue to trade under the Abellio Greater Anglia name -starts on 16 October 2016 and runs to October 2025.

Over 1,000 new carriages will be delivered between 2019 and 2020: The lion’s share will go to Derby-based Bombardier to build 665 new ‘Aventra’ trains under a £900m deal agreed with rolling stock company Angel Trains. The other stock will be provided by the Swiss manufacturer Stadler . The new trains are electric, apart from some bi-mode (electro-diesel) units (details as below).

The DfT informed 21CR that Abellio is expected to pay a £3.7bn premia to the state over the franchise lifetime.

The new trains will mean that Abellio will increase seating capacity for Liverpool Street morning peak arrivals by 55% (from 58,000 to 91,000), and run 1,444 additional weekday services (13% more than currently).

Some trains will be accelerated to reach Norwich in 90 minutes, and Ipswich in 60 minutes (from Liverpool Street).

Abellio is a subsidiary of the Dutch state railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen; the company also runs the ScotRail franchise and has a half stake in Merseyrail.

The fate of the rolling stock to be displaced is unknown at this stage.

                                            New rolling stock details
Type Number of sets Number of carriages Allocation
Stadler ‘Flirt’ UK 10 x 12 EMU 120 Intercity
Stadler ‘Flirt’ UK 10 x 12 EMU 120 Stansted Airport
Bombardier ‘Aventra’ 22 x 10 EMU 220 Suburban
Bombardier ‘Aventra’ 89 x 5 EMU 445 Suburban
Stadler ‘Flirt’ UK 24 x 4 B-MU   96 Regional
Stadler ‘Flirt’ UK 14 x 3 B-MU   42 Regional
Totals 169 1,043
Bombardier 'Aventra'
Bombardier ‘Aventra’

DfT decision

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