Londoners take three times more than anyone else

On a per capita basis, expenditure on rail in London is at least three times higher than in the English regions.

The figures were released in a Parliamentary reply from Claire Perry, Under-Secretary of State for Railways, to a question raised in the House of Commons.

For 2014/15, per capita spending for all types of rail expenditure was £353 in London. This was much higher – more than ten times in some cases – than in the other English regions: Yorkshire & Humber £98; North West £93; East of England £71; South East £69; West Midlands £68; North East £52; South West £35; and East Midlands £34.

The average for England was £113.

The statistic will re-ignite claims that the capital attracts a disproportionate share of national funding.

The figures for 2015/16 will be released in November 2016.

Rail spending in the East Midlands is less than one tenth of the per capita spend in London.
The per capita rail spend in the East Midlands is less than one tenth of what it is in London.

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