Firm proposals for Euston rebuild

HS2 has announced ‘firm proposals’ for rebuilding Euston station. Eleven new high speed platforms are to be constructed on the western side, but it will be carried out in two stages to minimise disruption to the travelling public.

Six new high speed platforms and a concourse will be constructed to coincide with the first stage of HS2 (between London and the West Midlands) for its projected 2026 opening. Another five high speed platforms and concourse will follow for the second HS2 stage for London to Leeds/Manchester and should be ready for 2033.

‘At least’ 11 platforms will remain in the existing station to serve the non high speed rail network. London Underground facilities will also be upgraded.

Euston now carries 43 million passengers annually – more than twice the design capacity following its 1968 rebuild.

Simon Kirby, Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd, said: “These firm proposals will allow Euston to fulfil its potential. It’s time for Euston to change. Just a stone’s throw away, we have seen how the stations at King’s Cross and St. Pancras have transformed the surrounding areas. We must replicate and build on that commercial and architectural success. Now is the time for Euston to catch up with its neighbours to meet the requirements of the 21st century and beyond.”

681/Sep 15


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