DfT disability dispensation for some older trains

The Department for Transport has exempted several classes of older passenger trains from some of the disability regulations.

EU legislation – enacted by the Railways (Interoperability ) Regulations  of 2011 –  requires that all rail passenger rolling stock be PRM TSI (Persons with Reduced Mobility, Technical Specification for Interoperabilty) compliant by 1 January 2020. However, the DfT has granted partial dispensation to the following train types:  Class 318, 321 and 365 electric multiple units owned by Eversholt; and Class 150 diesel multiple units, and Class 319 electric multiple units owned by Porterbrook.

A DfT spokesman told LTT: “Since 1998, all new trains have been built to the required accessibility standards, and older trains will meet our compliances by 2020. A small number of minor exemptions will remain in place on some of our older train models, where full compliance would not be realistically achievable or cost-effective.”

All trains are pre-privatisation and were built in the BR era during the 1980s and 1990s. The exemptions cover areas like height of door controls, width of priority seats, signage and platform/train gap and step, etc.

672/May 15

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