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No mandate to privatise

The government knows that full-blooded privatisation of Network Rail would be politically unacceptable. That option was considered but rejected by the Shaw Report but it now looks like partial privatisation is being ushered through the back door. Continue reading No mandate to privatise

Thinking big, Swiss style

When it comes to mega-construction projects they don’t come any bigger than the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Superlatives run out in describing the longest, deepest and one of the costliest rail tunnels ever built, which opened on June 1st. Continue reading Thinking big, Swiss style

Is HS2 on the right track?

It’s increasingly beginning to look like HS2 is a good cause in the wrong hands. The call by leading transport academics for a review of this costly £51bn project is one that should be heeded, and the sooner the better. Continue reading Is HS2 on the right track?