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FirstGroup to fight Virgin on East Coast

A request by FirstGroup to start open access services between London and Edinburgh on the ECML has been granted by the ORR, though a rival application by GNER was rejected. The Rail Regulator has also allowed East Coast franchised operator, Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC), to run more services and serve additional destinations. Continue reading FirstGroup to fight Virgin on East Coast

CMA wants to put on-rail competition back on track

Competition for rail passenger services in Great Britain basically takes two forms: The main one (at the moment) is of the ‘for’ the market type, where the competition is between rival bidders to secure a particular passenger franchise; the other form is called ‘in’ market competition, where it is between rival train operators. The first form of competition is called indirect; the latter is direct. Continue reading CMA wants to put on-rail competition back on track